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Jam City- Dream a Garden

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Jam City – Dream a Garden – a dérive – LONDON – May 1st 2015

Aldgate- spectral zone colonised by international finance. Towering enclaves, marble clad lobbies, burnished monuments to global capitalism. In 2012 these glacial geometries conjured the sound of Classical Curves, a record steeped in hostile seduction, the archisemiotics of power. Now, in 2015 with a creeping imminence, Dream a Garden is a reminder of the saplings of elder, tangles of wild roses, tendrils of bindweed waiting to push through minute cracks in the walls. The impervious citadel is poised to revert to a dreaming arcadia.

These songs delineate the fracturing of melancholy chambers, the suffocating sadness of the atomised. They evoke the dissociative climb through walkways and landings but like a subterranean river the possibility of escape is always there.

The mesmerising atmosphere lets you melt into walls, push through fences; it ushers the flight from Barratt developments, Redrow bastions and guides you through a whorl of narrow lanes- satellite dishes, corrugated iron, mosques nestled in dilapidated terraces.
Sounds spill from car windows- Commercial Road, Cable street- languid grime pitch shifting in the traffic, traces of ’80s New Wave, glimmers of Prince-

to Swedenborg Gardens and Fortress Wapping, miltancy echoing in the ruins,coming up from the rubble –
1981/ 1984/ 1985/ 1994/ 1999/ 2000/ 2011/ 2015
time compresses– becomes prismatic,
voice, almost buried, filtered through lost temporalities-
Print Strike, Poll Tax, J18-

the dry scents of a heat wave, 2011 uprisings, losing signal-shifting in and out of consciousness-
Meshes, knots, labyrinthine paths. Abandoned pubs, abandoned yards- a spectral archeaology directing us through different rooms,into the foundations of buildings.
Mist burning off in the heat, iridescent vapours; archaic scents of cinnamon, tobacco and coffee unlocked in the bricks of abandoned warehouses.

Crackles- muffled sounds– overlaid skeins, overlaid maps– routes plotted, routes navigated. Mossy brick walls, ferns erupting in the cracks.
Bombsites, derelict wharves, climbing through fences into forgotten gardens.

We are propelled, the beat of the walk, a blazing conduit- through arcadian groves of broken paving stones, arches of jasmine and lilac.

The mercurial span of the Thames, Wapping to Limehouse. Possibilities emerging, sublime sequences.
In these tidal territories space is reordered, we move beyond the tropes of consumerism. We escape the hoardings, shop fronts, the endless online hectoring. We remember how we connected in the realm of the sublime, the celestial. Songs opening apertures to a brooding magic, articulating diffuse moments of bonding, elevating the city by reclaiming it.
Amidst the merchants houses, the cobbled lanes, Foxtons and Savils on Wapping High Street, arrogant totems glowing fluorescent yellow, electric pink. In these sacred sites their presence is a malign vexation. And so it is with capitalism, when it sneaks into your subconscious, when it contaminates precious bonds.

Capitalism has taken our desires and distorted them, reassembled them in a machinic parade of parts, a Hans Bellmer kaleidoscope. The encroachment into subjective spaces, like the city’s enchanted lacunae, are violations, they threaten us at the deepest level . Without cherished connections, without the budleia and the briar, we dissoicate, feel oursleves splintering.
A brass carillon, we recognise it, a call, an exhortation to act- voice sweeping in layers- radiant cascades of guitar, moments of anticipation emerging under machinic attack, a critical intoxication, the regaining of signal- cherry blossom and magnolia suddenly here– This is us winning– moving through the city- Foxtons wrecked, Aylesbury occupied, Aldgate erupting- the triumph of the swarm, the collective on its way somewhere better–a dark psycedelia, an ominous presence.

Dream a Garden gauges the mood of the UK in 2015 – SSRIs, austerity, housing crisis- and reminds us that moments of transcendence can be reached by tuning into the current situation , by sharpening our critical capacity. It takes us through submerged vistas, the ephemeral beaches of the Thames, to a shoreline of exquisite assembly.


Monday, 8 June 2015

---new column in ART REVIEW

Laura Oldfield Ford: Spectral Developments – Haunted Schemes

in the first of a new series of columns, the artist and author of Savage Messiah takes us on a psychogeographic tour through London's old and new housing estates, from the April 2015 issue

By Laura Oldfield Ford

London 2015 – conjuration of empty apartments – spectral dromes; from Qatari enclaves in the Olympic Park to vitric apparitions in Nine Elms, they emerge across the city as glowing husks.Networks of property developments create zones of control, landscapes pulsing with symbolism and intent. Squares and plazas shimmer in the haze of international finance, money sparkling in water features, private cinemas, rooftop gardens.The signs are everywhere – you hear the faint crackling of power, notice where it lies… encoded, encrypted……

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Delirious anxiety states--- 狂热的焦

31st JANUARY 1979


意大利石油总公司/ 美国雪佛龙石油公司/美国德士古石油公司/挪威国营石油公司/荷兰皇家壳牌石油公司
2012-2014 1979年1月31日----2012年-2014

Financial district-

Obsidian/ Copper / ----futures refracting.

You think about him again,, rooftops in Peckham and Dalston,
a burning heat wave, lying on parched ground,,, eyes vivid in the dusk..,,,

SINO FUTURES--- 中国未来主义—急速进入原始资本主义的幻觉
-hallucinatory rush to feral capitalism-
Black cartography. //chambers interconnecting,

Golden lion statues , International hotels.
== labyrinthine corridors above street level, 街道上建造的迷宫般小径

Numbers graffed on trees, ,covert transactions,
corporate boulevards hiding micro labyrinths.
You walk under motorway bridges, tarmac rippling in the heat.

--resting in doorways, under plastic sheets
sleeping under staircases in multi-storey apartments,, towering empty blocks where concrete floors split into plywood cells, overalls drying on steel girders.

Dreamland// Sky Acropolis//// Golden Dream Bay
bamboo ladders, walkways spanning rubber trees--

you cross a parking lot
---. brutal intersection, pylons and skyscrapers..
push through a corrugated iron fence,,
---dilapidated flats and precincts,
Mad Max//Bladerunner//Bahrain


distorted faces melting in 37 degree heat----bamboo scaffolding, surveillance platforms nested in palm trees. .

, makeshift camps seeping through factory fences-- Heaps of crushed concrete, , lorries carting sand and cement..
portkabins, washing lines , hens scratching dusty ground.

You are led into the complex ,like a ghost, seen but not spoken to-- occupying the honeycomb;

workers flats connected by aerial walkways,
in the upper floors ,baby clothes drying and men shouting,
chimneys stinking,
yellow smoke.

--enclaves, inner courtyards.. dialects indecipherable outside--brutalist hives,, networks of alcoves (cells), ---black bean sauce,, shredded ginger---- //

7 - death and lucky number
Lucky 8, 888, ---it is there three times in a row.
Cartoon packaging , abstract glyphs---.

The future is fortified against instabilty----Black sites, black prisons—

widespread rioting, barricades of cars, bamboo and corrugated iron.--
    cascades of tenements clad in black plastic--leading to the final place.
Occult numeracy, hidden pathways--- 神秘的算术,隐匿的道路

Black obsiadian, black mirror ---flashback panoptican gaze---

--secret corridors beneath shopping malls--, 购物广场地下的秘密通道Dank arcades,, low quality knock offs. Chanel, Marc Jacobs, labels hanging off,
sitting about with babies and cats , or slumped in shadowy recesses slurping noodles.
Walkways over motorways ,,dusty arcades. Sino-pop ,
LV,, D&G--
. Chanel quilted purses spilling from cardboard boxes-- You get lost in a maze of cubicles-- bare fluorescent tubes and racks of flimsy garments-----

Emerge in white glare..

KFC and Burger King, grotesque theme park proportions, lysergic hutongs sprouting in the arcades---

intense heat.. arms, back of neck burning.
Mcdonalds milkshake , shot through with syrupy mango

dreams of childhood return in VHS --.
multi coloured pop videos blitzing out of the tv---.
80s colours, the world you dreamed of stepping into---
The future

You walk on the edge of the motorway,
--cube structures , portals to underground labyrinths--,
lemon yellow, faded coral...
plastic ceiling becomes disco floor , luminous formations---

winding paths through scented parkland, peach blossom and jasmine..
cerise flowers cascading over balconies--. You walk through verdant canopies, huge rubber plants and sweet osmanthus. 
You hear disembodied sounds of a tannoy in the theme park below.
mosaic tiles, pink and green.
, peanut, chilli, szechuan peppercorns--

orange uniforms drying.
flats to house factory workers .
model villages of England, Bourneville, Port Sunlight, New Earswick, filtered through a chlorophyl lens.

You think about his kisses, his face melting in the heat of that basement--
    --- //, hexagonal disco floor,, obsidian rays,
    —face disintegrating in smoked glass

You knew once it started it couldn't be contained.. perfume bottle smashed on the scorched ground... s desire,,  anxiety... you knew it would be cataclysmic--

Luxurious. Sensual. Timeless.

episodes shifting seamlessly , your skin burning--

Violet Leaf, Mandarin, Rose, soft suede---
parallel times
Peckham estates occupied by Irish squatters-- Euro collapse, mass emigration-- unemployed Britons... how bad does it have to get?


dormitories and squatter camps,
migrant workers asleep on street..

Runes, hieroglyphs,
mobile conurbations of portakabins, tarps and scaffolding..
---sharing single rental rooms with no facilities

You think if he was here there would be someone to talk to,, because you don't trust anyone.. you formulate strategies and plans in your mind and guard the last unpoliced territory you have.
 Your emails black out, you black your own words out===
black paint, diagrams written in chalk on black walls-- lines,,movements, coding systems----

hidden from eye of power,,, shattered black crystal

--a wave of protests stretching into future . 74,000 "mass incidents", up sevenfold since 1994.
control strategies collapsing in the tropics------

kerosene burner in corner---.

Happy Valley, Window of the world, lit up like Vegas.
LV, Burberry, Chanel..
security flanked by army and police .------

black glass
black crystals
black paint thrown----

you know if he was here you would just fall into it, this humid sequence of hallucinations.
1995 returning -1981--
widespread outbreaks of disorder----
black smoke, black bloc-- in bed in that room with black walls--

You like his shoulders...
windows shattering,,, ,vapours of black smoke---.

No internet and you can't understand the tv –
you sit and write in the mauve shadows of your room--

Tsing tao and chinese pringles.

Traces of past memories turn to the present. intoxicating jasmine, refined muguet, and sensual rose absolute. it is mysterious and fragile—yet leaves a lasting trail.
A fragrance full of light , balanced with dark apertures. 


shattered black crystal 破碎的黑水晶