Thursday, 17 February 2011

Bristol Zine February 2011

>>>>Billboard [posters Bristol//...Broadmead shopping centre..February 1-28 2011


‘I have a vague intuition of the substance of which time is made;for it is that which changes the past into the future.’ Borges.

Riot Season Begins

MARCH 2011
Riots across UK.
Mass demonstration in London splits into rampaging mobs, wrecking sprees through Bond street and Oxford street, high end fashion boutiques looted.
Spontaneous chants, nihilism, class hate. This isn’t just about government cuts., this is rage that’s emerging from the depths of the collective psyche,,years of spite and pettiness,  sliding into mires of debt.
They thought they could get away with it.
Resurgance of channels opened in 1990. Networks mobilising.
Prison riots spread.

Brandon Hill reclaimed.
Illegal occupation. Tent bubbles blistering the hillsides.  Pink skies, first warm breaths of spring. Cherry blossom, pale narcissi. Cabot tower, monument to privilege and property now draped with black and red flags. Cascades, rock gardens,,,
ox-eye daisies, yellow rattle and knapweed emerging.

 The council issue dispersal orders but all attempts at eviction are met by huge clashes with police. Bristol is setting up a network of alternative states linking flashpoints of contestation. Diggers communities appear across the city.
Walls in the city centre have been painted black bearing block stencils of white letters, these are the communiqués of the new communes….
"Was the earth made to preserve a few covetous, proud men to live at ease, and for them to bag and barn up the treasures of the Earth from others, that these may beg or starve in a fruitful land; or was it made to preserve all her children?"
Gerrard Winstanley The New Law of Righteousness, 1649

Stapleton Road.

waiting  at job centre opposite Black swan,
 hot day,
kicking off , wont let some Somalian bloke sign on.  Big Nigerian security guards pushing him around.

My turn.
Usual moronic hassle. What have you been doing to look for work.  Wrote jobseekers diary with five different pens in caf before .  Walk out. Somalians mobilizing.

 Lily of the valley, Magnolia and  Rose.

 Black swan, see them watching me,  sit outside pitched
subsonic …,,Big screens ,, adverts ricochet
round back,,

reggae barbeque
 Lee Perry
room reverberates. skinning up

rap, reggae and smooth soul.
, another bottle of becks,  jobs worths in dole hole watching, security guards through window.

pulse microchip kick drum
they don’t own me. They can cut off my giro. I’m still here

dancing, scratchy breakbeats
bonfire zombie like
, clownstep. video on loop.
 Everything falls into place.


Hot, hot perfumed air, exhaust fumes,
 Biggas carwash, men hanging around front,vests and bomber jackets…ramshackle buildings hidden in ivy, motorway flyover…
chair outside. Hot, cigarette smoke ,oil… young black men, striped tops and mobile phones
hoardings , meshes of luminous poster shreds,

Sitting outside, van pulls up, dreadlocked punks, going out to the woods, fires and cider….
mutant dance crew.
Upstairs rooms, boarded and netted,,,
. Red and gold
 Courage cockerel. A4032

Back room, under table dealings … shopping ordered from Cabot Circus…
asked me what I wanted,  told him, Chloe Eau de Parfum and that Chanel nail varnish, irridescent black, shining blue like a magpie feather,,, ,brings it all back for twenty.

, Huge outbuildings, sprawling, . labyrinthine industrial  space,
stacker PA's

 melancholic dub

fluorescent strip lights, long corridors…
 dubstep, bashment, jungle, breakcore

 deserted lane through industrial estate at side leading to motorway. palettes, heaps of burnt tyres,advertising hoardings, black and white graff on roof tops…
Cedarwood, Musk and Amber.

 Caba Club and the Black and White Cafe closed.
powdery notes…

July 2001  Stapelton road. Coach house , next one down from theirs, under the railway bridge,, hoardings emerge from tangles of lilac, flouro palimpsests,,,
  Brown and cream, grimy, dark,
Destroy the Beaufort Hunt , Class War banners hanging off wall..royal heads on pikes.. Movement against Monarchy benefit gig;
. Big punks, heavy jowls, jaundiced faces. His guts ache, fizzing up with the ulcer; old man now, usurped by upstarts. 

A contingent arrives from London.
Police been in, leant on the landlord.
Night is cancelled. Move to another room.
Bass. Tardis, goes far back, two bars, snooker table half way,,,keeps seving til 5am.

 Freesia, Litchi, Peony.
mixing records. Dionne
hip hop beat

Awaz Atuoa community centre….

Branch of TSB,,,
dun houses sloping, pavement latticework of grey patches,,scorched summer streets…illegal attic conversions,,
….burgundy windows, dirty magnolia paint,,, ripped up flyers,, bottles of beer on tables outside next to traffic…
Istanbul supermarket…
Big houses, big windows,,,,overgrown gardens…lost room, 70s furniture,,,been here before,, preserved,.
Weeds, rubbish, hastily built breezeblock walls, transit vans parked skewed angles on the pavement,,,
Iqbal textiles and sari house,, back bedrooms, front rooms
 records and hifi separates. ladders, collapsing buildings, chequer boards of red and black,

Narwaz Kurdish restaurant, rooms above,,
Abandoned wholefood store,  luggage, mattresses and bed frames. Flat to let , window held together
 with parcel tape.
Heavy plastic sheets replacing smashed windows,, satellite dishes clinging.
Shop to let. Men standing about, tracksuit bottoms, white trainers,




Dole office red brick fortess, dark atmosphere
like Tesco, pfi hospital, pfi prison.
into space

Monte carlo café
Pebbledash walls, formica ripped out, replaced by flat pack pine from the new Ikea…
Baggy jeans, smoking outside, conspiratorial huddle…
Shah jalal mosque, on a corner next to motorway flyover…
Isa/Andrew Ibrahim. Red spiky hair, hardcore, techno and trance. Before he converted to Islam.
From the back behind green railings, beneath the sweep of the motorway.
Dole hole fortress…

treble highs

Their house squatting beneath railway bridge, small, cracking plaster, pale green,  and three satellite dishes, one little window downstairs, newspapers taped inside..
 breaks dropped

number gouged into door with a stanley knife..
a little front room you walked straight into.
Wasp carapaces on a dusty window sill.
Led through to the kitchen , bathroom at the back. Peroxide bottles, mould creeping across the ceiling.
And the upstairs, two little rooms. That biscuity smell of old bedding.

Castle with turret, Stapleton road station opposite. Residues of old money.
Destroy sacrificial altar, whole world becomes altar…
Three Blackbirds.

jerk chicken.
windows blacked out, deep sepia…..
Black and White Cafe
 St Pauls
 cranked up
formica counter
saltfish, ackee, curry goat

 The point of having a specific site of sacrifice is to contain it, losing a part to keep the whole.
blood on street is hidden from view, only to erupt and flow everywhere.
dilapidated building
street cleaners intimidated, warned off area…

row of derelict houses, buddleia sprouting, bin bags hurled on pavement…eyes on empty coke cans
crushed up in gutters,,

 pungent smell of weed 

heavy dub

pinball machine

taped under snooker tables;

compulsory purchase order , cafe  now  demolished,

‘If it's not the Black and White, it will just become somewhere else.’

If  sacrificial site is sanitised, it doesn’t stop  the sacrifice it just means it happens everywhere, all the time,

a boundless, limitless wrecking spree.

tinted windows, 


Summer 2011.
Bearpit occupied, declared autonomous zone, sealed off, massive speaker cabs wheeled in. A maze of tarpauline, scaffolding poles, it  becomes a spindly convolution of bedrooms and makeshift kitchens .There are no homeless in Bristol now.People sit round bonfires speculating about the situation in the rest of the UK. There are rumours that troops are about to be brought in but resources are overstretched as other cities join the revolt.

Police are having trouble on too many fronts. Southmead, Hartcliffe and St Pauls. Co ordinated eruptions, strategic violence. Brandon Hill occupied again.  A contingent have broken off to occupy the Premiere Inn throwing ropes and tarps down to the Bear pit below. All hotel rooms are empty now the disturbance has set in. The road encircling St James Barton roundabout has been closed off with concrete blocks.

Posters appear across the city; all those facing eviction resulting from rental/mortgage defaulting urged to stay put. Whole streets are squatted as estates organise to fight police and bailiffs.

Autumn 2011;
After a long hot Summer of sustained civil disorder the ConDem government is brought down.

st Pauls, raid on black and white café.


Full Moon. North Street towards Stokes Croft from St James Barton roundabout,
riots in St Paul's
 Southmead police
 attacked with bricks and bottles. spontaneous eruption.

Bugsbys marshes on the Blackwall peninsula, Canons Marsh, Bristol linked in a weave of Crest Nicholson sigils, yuppiedromes built on the toxic ground of the old gas works. Balconies crack , heave off walls; wooden stakes dragged
 to support unsound enclaves.

a nest of sigils, tracks shimmering from here to Brandon hill, site of insurrectionary gatherings, mass gatecrashing …
 A precursor to 90s demolition of estates,,  designing out dissent, rock gardens and Cabot tower.
Class cleansing.

We engage the revenants of the city and channel them into  oppositional currents.
Burn down sigils sprayed over the new developments.

Paddington basin, slow glide past the Westway,  Silchester estate newly recladded, PFi veneer.. losing the territorial markings of London.  Slough, industrial estates. The station, Brunel bus depot partially demolished. Giant Tesco box.
Into Reading ,through a corridor of IT barns out to the West Country.


The docks.

Harbourside, recently rebranded, fake heritage symbols sprouting from every pavement. It’s own iconic symbol of millennial failure, an empty psychotropic theme park ‘the wild walk’ is now a parched tangle of scorched trees in aluminium tubs.

Crest Nicholson.  Grotesque dromes looming, negative equity ghettos waiting for young professionals that don’t arrive.
 Pinnacles development in Woolwich shows what future holds….
Boarded windows, mortgage fraud, gangs taking over blocks, executive homes sinking under a patina of decay.
Regeneration schemes ,
Failed attempts to remake the city in the cast of the bourgeoisie,
  eradicating  ghosts , projecting holograms in their place.

An undercurrent of resistance pulses through Bristol like the culverted River Frome, a subterranean threat of rupture and destruction.

Shops vans  police  further disturbance.
police bricked., retreated. Crowd advanced/  in control.
pub landlord Standard of England
Greystoke Avenue .
Clark threw the rest of the blazing contents

June 1830.
burnt down
ricks and barn
More fires followed, and attacks on machinery.
100 threshing machines smashed

He was sent to Australia and never heard of again.

Ashton Court 1980
1830,  discontent
labouring population country, 

slow, spaced
-Prefabs Southmead
Balti king Southmead.

Standard of England.

low wages
farm produce burned,

 captain'  'Swing the Kick-burner."

 Three bars
in the centre of Southmead.
TV screen, ITBOX,
 pool table

Cider I up;

 fruit machines
Greystoke avenue. burning petrol

Big semis, sparse
open space,,
 big deciduous trees.

Bingeing at home on whisky.
My escape bid, the cloying atmosphere, the feeling of being trapped.
. Bulldozed memories... through that,, ,,, razed labyrinth ,a place to hurtle through, an escape route, it forever imbued with rushes and pangs,
of excitement,  anticipation,,,you would never linger there,,,you push through racing, slugging from a bottle,, little mirror , you knew you looked good,,,,
You knew,,,
But it didn’t seem to last long,

 Outside. Watching down. He looks older. But still him. But I had to let my glance rest, to be sure.

Greystoke Avenue, Southmead, in the early hours
serious third degree burns;
wounding with intent
 grievous bodily harm.
French Hay. Andrew Ibrahim,  wealthy Egyptian background, brought up Christian  converted to Islam.
Scoping Broadmead shopping centre as target. Did chemistry at college, bought large quantities of peroxide at Boots.
Prince’s Street Bristol.
Explosives in  fridge, Westbury on Trim, bomb factory, suicide vest, ball bearings, tubs of nails and screws, 12 bottles peroxide…
Target, shopping centre.
Hexamethylene triperoxide diamine.

Britain a dirty toilet.
Decadent Britons must be punished
Spiky hair ( directions[poppy red)  piercings,
Spike under lip.. two rings through eyebrow

Inside 9/11, What Really Happened, an examination of the September 11 terror attack on the twin towers.

hydrogen peroxide
miniature lightbulb with the glass removed

Bristol streets under surveillance. Special branch.
Shahjalal mosque, under flyover.
Ibrahim 11 years in prison.

Peach and orange walls, sitting on blue carpets. White board with blue marker pen flow charts, arrows, wavy lines encircling scrawled words.

True faith, state of martyred.  Network of teenagers in bedrooms,
close to carrying out attacks,
Government strategy,
cosmetic, misdirected.

Inkerman pub, boarded up, Lois Harris name above door. round the corner from Prince’s street.

Vignettes, the cascading down the hill to Bridewell street, the dark and the rain, the building opening up to reveal light interiors, the amusement arcade glowing pink neon with the giant blue screen of Elvis behind the slot machines.
 Left in confused state.

Watching Jermey Kyle twice a day.
Looking forward to Deal or No Deal
Signing on for about six months,, dole
trying to push me into
meat packing plants.
No intention of doing.
They were threatening
Me inadequate
Had to  become 'job ready'
for the exciting new opportunites to come.
luminous post it notes appearing ,.
under desks, on the floor, stuck to the doors outside.
scrawly writing.

signed by “Captain Swing”.
Rising unemployment and low wages
meagre poor relief from the government.
Deprivation rose
Wider upheavals

 fuelled riots.
explosions of rage

appointment to see adviser,
Working Links
Colston Avenue..
like evangelical Christians
Alpha course
new pathways  smiling.

Ida’’s caf Southmead.
Bunker, blocky red and white signage. Next to empty block.

1830 fires raged
. Swing Riots,
 threatening letters,, attacks

St Pauls 1980
police raid Black and White Café
Grosvenor  Road

April 2,
 St Pauls erupts
 Lloyds Bank

Bristol's tallest-ever building, an environmentally-friendly 40-storey tower development, could become the spectacular symbol of urban regeneration in the St Paul’s area of the city

wanton demolition of machinery ..

Abandoned office block, dark brick,,,late 80s fortress architecture. Steel window frames, tinted glass.  Closed pub , across road, dilapidated signage still there,…Black Swan….
Alley at the side, uneven, cobbled, cluster of forsaken buildings under a flyover….  him stooped over a car, bonnet up, hands plunged in grease/
Black and white mask pulled up over face, heat tech balaclava, black hat pulled down. Sub zero, Siberian extreme/
 Knew him from before. Too late to swerve. He stopped me, to talk. Alright? turned sharply as I walked past . .. facing me, bearing down. to me about your holidays he said, or the weather, for an hour.  Taken me once through ketmaine grimness in the back of a car, some pub car park in Easton, must have been six months ago now/
. Through the back of the dark arch through a fire escape/
 up some breeze block steps through a bent railing, looking down on motorway, over to mosque.
 Into the empty office block yard.
 Round the side ,a door blocked by sheets of MDf and corrugated iron. Up to a room, warm suddenly in the freezing corridors. To Let . Huge letters in reverse on black windows.

The room,split in two levels.
 a racing bike propped against the window, a low bed, striped duvet of an eleven year old boy. Walls white and carpet tiles scratchy dark grey. Light dimming now in street, me looking out, amalgam of dim 60s blocks, dingy panels of yellow and pink, orange street lamps.
Him tellimg me to wait. Me never knowing who he might come back with , what they might do.
Looking around .No balconies, just that one door, green exit sign swinging idly from polystyrene ceiling tiles/
Wait here.

New gaol attacked by mob.

1381//  1756, 1764 // 1607// 1641//1649// 1830// 1831// 1832 // 1919// 1926// 1973//  1975// 1976//  1978// 1979//  1980//  1981//  1984// 1985// 1986// 1989// 1990// 1992// 1994// 1999//  2001// 2010//  2011//  2012//  2013// 2019// 2020
violence is a necessary part of the class struggle

/1830/1831/  1980/1981  2011/2012/2013

harvest  poor,
 food riots.
 November 1764 Beaminster riots

1765        destroyed  mills

"J. Deary mind your yards be not of a fire dam you D."

That nexus of dissolution, my loss.  Of self, absenting myself from the life I had ended up with. That coach ride from Birmingham , half a guniness in a Digbeth pub , wooden floors, broken tv, tins passed round for the poor of the North.
cold January dark, to Bristol. Tearing up a diagonal path, desire lines slipping under foot. The promise of more, down river paths, vivid encounters, soundsystems, bonfires. in that caravan there. The blood, in my mouth. I missed it. Like that.
I remember that year, do you?
Coach black, watching down, closed up shops with yellow lights ,. illuminating corridors, dusty palms, offices broken down with clutter and me, just wanting. In there.

Watching down.  Thinking of that back room., brutalised , blackened, eyes shut with bruises.
Passing the pub now with Christmas trees dead in the yard, strings of coloured lights spanning an empty beer garden. Dark at four.

 crowd in Bristol  violently on offensive

Rough cider,,
pre-industrial tactics

squat in St Pauls.
 strange .
    , subdued.
black hair and military

jackets. Demolition diner.
 Photocopied flyers yellowing on walls. Record player, rattly distortion, first Disorder EP. 5 gallon barrel, rough cider..
Dusty red velvet curtsins, cream walls,
Sitting around on floor, heavy boots, inane rants. So young then, clinging together.

Bristol, tide of melancholy,
Veneer of pastel houses ,  masking of dark undertow.

 The disturbance lasted for 3 days Hartcliffe, 1992 July 16th
two men killed by police,
. Police  stoned
 Symes Avenue shopping centre attacked and destroyed.

collective bargaining by riot
 arson and machine breaking

 rural disturbances
Swing risings.
RDF gig,, 1993 ,,,drunk on rough cider, plastic contaniners, pink dress, bleached hair backcombed. Bristol punks,, tractor punks from Trowbridge, contingent from Bath, Smartpils, Subhumans.
Bristol bierkeller
Doing the stall,, vegans, hunt sabs,,,the scene a radical precursor to smug bourgeois farmers markets…ethical consuming, ingredient obsessions…
The house in Box, smash the Beaufort HUnt….. sabs, sitting in circles, bits of metal, broken machinery ,, small rooms,
farm workers cottage, looking out onto fields, soft yellow stone,
  old office furniture, conspiratorial chatter.
Scanner, police tuned in,,,animal rights activists,, linked up with HLS>
proletarian rural revolt

acid burns to their faces, hands and arms
  inhaling fumes of corrosive substance.
Hospital with burns.
: "I think it happened on the dance floor but none of the bar staff saw anything."

Studio One sound 

 Leanne Jackson
 sulphuric acid
groove blues party.
nce floor
 Inkerman pub in St Paul's, was jailed for four years.
 ejected from
mashed it all up.
 landlady's birthday.
splashing acid

You should have seen it.
Cold,cold, winter dark,,,dark at 4,,,,
I was.,,
Cold, cold…winter dark.
Fairlylights, red hearts.
Warm glow, from them, a pretend fire in the corner….
. The walls  painted purple,  bathroom  pink. Old fittings,. Black mildew. 
He was there. Amebix t shirt and black mohawk.
Us. All. In it together,.
I liked the pubs, black timbers,…dark corners.

\ private homes and property
 looted and destroyed.

I was drinking fast, to be pissed, so at least there might be some trangression, some adventure to shred the boredom.

, scratches, unconscious commentary and marking of territory
Into main discourse, eroding power/
Graffiti, stickers, scrawls, flyposters subverting process of regeneration.
Rude, obscene, aggressive, confronting polite veneer of redevelopment spectacle. The language of new developments are remnants of new labour nu speak , engage, ability, vibrant etc smiling, bourgeois respectability.
A certain polite aestheic.
Is disrupted by the anger of a gesture, burning billboards, graffing streets,occupying buildings.
Nomadic architecture, extensions to squats, caravans, tarpaulins.

"wanted a beer".
 petrol from a can under door
 lit it,

Help me find him, that’s all .
 Her voice. Echoing through the dark at 4, me thinking will there ever be peace?
 Go up to the house, little prefab in Southmead .
  Let myself in with the key I thought I’d lost and call out her name.  The sight of the wheelchair ramp and the walking frame gripping me with sadness, a shock of emotion cutting through the grey.
Her  bunched up small and frail .  Look at the photos. The  mantelpiece  crowded with  trinkets , every porcelaine groove, petal and figurine abandoned to dust.

Bristol massive, are very mu

ch alive.

I am from Swindon and I hear about so meany free partys in& around Bristol.

I think the country is having a re-birth of the party scean right now. People that was’nt into it are getting into it music that makes the charts is crap, pubs & clubs are shit to pricey along with football to much money.

Houses are to price to buy.
The only good thing to do these days is buy a cheap car and get yourself to a n1ce free party.
The only good thing tto do these days is buy a cheap car and get yourself to a nice free party and say fuck the world….
We are the next eazygrooves and grooveriders of the re-birth.
Tell em

Faded pages in the album , 80s meals , birthdays, anniversaries. Carol done up to the nines, smiling , him skulking, slinking out the back. Find another, dirty blonde hair longer and stringier this time, face sallow and sunken .You could see the watery blue eyes, the mouth half smirking.
I take it, slip it in my pocket with the others.

dispersal zone order
The zone covers  harbour, Merchant's Road, Hope Chapel Hill, Brunel Lock Road, Cumberland Road and Wapping Hill.
"This new order means anyone cruising around the area, driving carelessly or playing loud music will be warned by officer and if they are caught again, will have their vehicle seized,"
Increasing harrasment city centre. Imagining Bearpit as sacrificial site, cleanse the ills of the whole city.

Palaces, mansions trashed by the mob.

Queen Square.

Waiting at a table in the corner..
Juke box. A few drinks in afternoon.
 post office.
 fire engines
  police .burnt out, shops ,smashed
demolition  of  gaol.

The front room in Hartcliffe, new leather settee.  Want it all looking good for Christmas. Upstairs there are rooms with bunkbeds and computers. Horror, slasher stuff, turned on by masks and violence.. The house full, kids under your feet, dirty handprints on the sofa.

New pfi schemes seek to erase past. keep some elements of history as heritage. A palatable version of the Bristol’s history.

 Main text eroding, , undermining regeneration,
 Opening up liminal spaces
Gouges, scrawls.

Rave in an abandoned sorting office.
texted saying the party going to be massive. thickets of buddleia and ivy , emerging in a dusty courtyard
 corridor of palletes and bonfires encircled by tyres.
stairwells  painted black and on every level the glyphs and sigils intricately layered. banks of broken TVs
 walls of speaker cabs
  on  roof setting off military flares. 

. two home-made vests, ball bearings, air gun pellets, nails and screws, wired circuitry, batteries and electric bulb filaments.

 On their own
 Flat screen tvs
 Tesco beer.
 Dont expose my real desires ,
 Present something else,.
 A caricature,
 An alter ego,,
 Better to wait ,


.. this had all happened, it could be reversed//
it was already slipping back,,moving towards another zone,
they'd had it their way too long.

Overgrown with weeds. three years, no one goes there.

Dispersal zones. College Green ,
group dispersal order

Brunel Lock Road
 Cumberland Road

In the early hours of Sunday 16th September following Carnival, a man died, having been stabbed at the Criterion pub on Lower Ashley Road. That man was Mohamoud Muse Hassan.

Bought a flat not far from here, Ashley road, defaulted on mortgage,  ended up getting repossessed. Tried to keep up the repayments, pawned everything I had .

Whole text, different voices, hands, staking out territory on the outside of buildings/.. Harbourside, cultural zones , interstices, more chance for gaps, where things can flourish, between the nodes of hyper planning.

Stokes croft, graffiti entertainment, friendly subversion….

Banksy, Sweet Toof 
jolly inclusivity, cartoon capers.

\multiculturalism , contradictions show up
as soon as agenda moves into politics, you are no longer a british citizen,
homo sacer/
 as soon as you articulate different politial agenda. `
fault lines appear/
Celebratory, patronsisng,
residues of 80s identity politics,

Stokes Croft subsumed by bourgeois appropriation, twee
Graff to create edgy favella chic.

 Outpourings on wall
Black economy , scrawled in marker pen/
Graffiti flyposting…..
Contested ground.
,, oppostion to gentrification, class war, adverts enticing people to work from home,
 black economy, luminous rave flyers…
Cusp of becoming something else/
Graffiti is a social barometer

Fear of neighbour, domesticate other. Public art.


Hotels for business men, eyes of empty rooms staring down.
Bear Pit. Sunken chamber, hexagons conjoining brutalist subways. Bodies. Rough sleepers.
Different publics;

Urban regeneration schemes , parts of the city called ‘urban wilderness’ ready to be  sanitised and enriched by ‘urban pioneers’ and property developers.

 All gone. Last week.
got papers, whole area cleared of squats
Corporate land grab. Social cleansing.

thinks about him all the time, worries so much it’s just background noise..
 so vulnerable, tried to shield him, keep him home away from bullies and thugs.  23 now,  big lad but just a little kid inside. stays upstairs in his room, on the computer. thought he was out of harms way up there.

 image of the twin towers in flames as a screensaver.

 Jihadi videos, 2yrs in jail out on license under strict conditions.

 Felt secure at mosque. Them not laughing there, not calling the names. Internet, obsessed with 9-11, him just sitting there, face lit up in a darkened room. Violent jihad. Chatting online to mentors in Pakistan, encouraging him to be a martyr, told him how to make bomb from ingredients in local hardware store.
Bristol city centre, our words dead til give life with blood. Had plans, Macdonalds toilet, unpack crude bomb.
slip beneath radar.
West Country. They never see it coming.
Peroxide. Circuitry.

Rainbow mural outside big house where Ashley road meets Grosvenor road…black spray paint. Buoyant cocks , anarchy signs;
 garden deep back, knotted briars, hot sun, wilting trees, Brooke road..
The Parish of St Pauls

Front line videos
Prince of Wales pub…
prosecuted for documents and dvds.
Intention  to distribute, effects of new laws harden views.
 Belmarsh polarises. Reinforces ideas, radicalising place. Islamic kaliphate, marching military fatigues, black flag. Foreigners operations abroad. Receiving end of state for discussing anglicised version of jihad.

Ashley Road, St Pauls,. Best thing was to move back to dad’s. After mum died he needed me anyway.

shop windows on Greystoke Avenue  smashed
vans of police

It’s coming up to Christmas, the third one without Claire if she doesn’t come home this time. I still hear from her sometimes but only rarely, she calls from a phone box, she never leaves a number.

Lawrence Hill.
Russell arms. Luminous stars. Chalk dust, faded dreylon, Countdown on TV.
Reclad grey tenements, pfi hutches,,,
Montego restaurant;
Rawlings settees,
Dark red and white grey, dilapidated,
row of net curtained windows..
sexual , slow.

Earl Russell Inn next to Lidl
Closed down June 2009

St Augustine’s Trench, now buried beneath the centre.

Have go home to see dad, feel so guilty thinking of him sitting there with just the tv. Just him when I walk in, watching Deal or no deal. Like always. Cup of tea, bring it in, sit with him a while. Feel guilty for looking at the clock on my phone.

Bloodied but unrepentant, jailed for 18 years, not expecting white convert in West country. Thought threat comes from big cities. West country. Never see Jihad coming.


Lived in a flat above MN Electrical on Ashley road,, shop front boarded up, plastered in club posters…six of us living there.Boxes of records. Mixing desks.

Big grand houses, dilapidated, divided into flats..bins on street, numbers daubed in white emulsion..

tobacco and slave-trading.

Police reinforcements  bricks and bottles.
Dark green heavy doors, metal,folds like concertinas,,,
 robotic pulse
Plywood with black rectangles painting out graff.
70s geometric patterns, brown and cream running across top.
Port holes side, graff inside windows/.

Poison girls live@ Bristol 1981

The Mob Trinity Hall Bristol 1983.

The protests were contagious.
The Tory government fell during the chaos

Jamaica melodic rootsy

Wandering out into the street, zig zags,,,into the yard,,,of the party,,in an abandoned factory, the sorting office near Temple Meads.
Floors and floors of graffed up windows///
I went there.
And back.
To that hell hole.
Where they lay in wait.
The crumbling sandstone.
And the mess, and decay. And those dark corners.
Where your eyes would shut with the mess. Of blood, from the cornea, spanning across the white.

Fat idiot getting involved with stuff you didn’t understand.

 acid thrown .

Shots/car windows/St Nicholas House pub

acid attack

Jesters comedy club, resistance to Tesco.sound systems and people on roof. Building used as ‘community space.’

Bristol weavers and Kingswood colliers of the 18th century  used riot as a weapon for price control and wage demands.
St Pauls, media representations , glowering thugs and burnt out cars, replaced by tired decrepitude.
Everything peeling, tawdry,, rotting in the damp.
Cabot Circus,,
shopping centre, you didn’t know how flawed you were until they told you.


Fortress. Chanel posters gleaming at the gate, look up as you enter to remind yourself how far you fall short.
Redemption sought within…
But never found.

Reflected back, glossy and rich,

Skin`- radiant,
 Hair -lustrous,
body hair - waxed…

A multitude of imperfections invented.

Riot Season Begins

Summer 2012.
Cities in the UK, bolstered by impact of unrest in 2011 demand an end to the boredom of Nu Lab/ ConDem neoliberal project. Terror attacks in London in run up to the Olympic games weakens the state and stretches resources to breaking point.
The structures of late capitalism are already collapsing, only the illusion that too is being shredded.
Tax evaders, boring city centres, celebrity culture all come under attack in eruptions of mob violence.

“The City of Churches had in

one night become the city of ruins.”