Sunday, 7 August 2011

----WOOD GREEN 1981//1984//2011//2012



Wood green shopping centre, 1984. Miners strike.  Class war intent on opening a second front in the capital, wanted to see riots in city centres,,draw old bill out of coal fields to emergency situations in the city.
Dragged a few cars across the street. There was a firework display planned in Wood Green, when we got there there were a few people hanging around but we didn’t get as many as we wanted. There was some autonomous action the same night down in Brixton.  We sat about for a while in the pre arranged pub, the Old Bill knew something was going on and started searching people coming up off tube. Nothing happened at the fireworks so they fucked off and  about twenty of us went back to the pub opposite Wood Green station. We weren’t in a good mood, there were arguments erupting about the absence of the promised mob. Then outside the pub there were about twenty kids wanting to know where the riot was, one of them smashed a beer crate through an off licence window, then a load of middle aged blokes started looting all the booze. Someone shouted, here it is! Shopping centre, windows put through with scaffolding, one end to other, smashed and looted….it dispersed quickly after ten minutes,  I walked to my mate’s house in Dalston through the back streets. The police  were left there  gazing in shock, there was no mob, everyone had gone and the place was smashed up.