Friday, 1 April 2011

Tower Hamlets drift/// Globetown to Sylhet-Bandar Bazar

The pub on the corner of Bonner Street and Old Ford road has been left abandoned.  Once it was City of Paris, then Habana’s wine bar , now it’s boarded up with a planning application to turn it into ‘Viki Park Wines’.
Soon everybody will drinking at home in front of flat screen tvs.

'There were stones and broken bottles lying all over the road, but nothing seemed to be going on.’

.'I said it at the time, and I still firmly believe it to this day - the riots were a wake-up call for this country,'

As the years have elapsed the housing estates of the East End no longer seem futuristic . Imbued with memories, markings and histories, they have become a part of London’s past. Within the grid like structures  hidden pathways have been carved, the labyrinth has reasserted itself.

Right to Buy  has filled the estates with absentee landlords cramming three families into one flat. All the pubs are closed.

Houses bombed,  clearance programmes to reduce population density . 5000 people lived in temporary housing, requisitioned properties, hutments/mobile homes,/prefabs .On  Old Ford and Roman roads terraced houses, workshops and factories were cleared…

From the shifting communities of Tower Hamlets massive developments in the city of Sylhet are paid for by ex pats.
In Bethnal Green, Whitechapel and Bow there are launderettes, shops and restaurants named as reminders. In Sylhet there are shopping malls and supermarkets called Tessco, Blue Water and London Fried Chicken.


The East End and docks were 'Target Area A'. Between 7 September 1940 and 10 May 1941, a sustained bombing campaign, 57  nights, ‘The Blitz’.
The authorities wouldn’t open the London Underground for shelter, wanted to maintain an appearance of everything carrying on as normal. After intensive bombing in September people seized initiatve and broke into tube stations with blankets..

 Overcrowding in Tower Hamlets. The Ocean estate. ‘ Take it back.’ That’s what the graffiti said then, that’s what I’m saying again now. I want to see whole estates squatted, like the ones near Chrisp street market and Bow Common lane. When people are saying, I’m defaulting, I’ve had my housing benefit stopped, I can’t pay the rent, estates should be barricaded and organised to stop the  bailiffs.