Monday, 8 June 2015

---new column in ART REVIEW

Laura Oldfield Ford: Spectral Developments – Haunted Schemes

in the first of a new series of columns, the artist and author of Savage Messiah takes us on a psychogeographic tour through London's old and new housing estates, from the April 2015 issue

By Laura Oldfield Ford

London 2015 – conjuration of empty apartments – spectral dromes; from Qatari enclaves in the Olympic Park to vitric apparitions in Nine Elms, they emerge across the city as glowing husks.Networks of property developments create zones of control, landscapes pulsing with symbolism and intent. Squares and plazas shimmer in the haze of international finance, money sparkling in water features, private cinemas, rooftop gardens.The signs are everywhere – you hear the faint crackling of power, notice where it lies… encoded, encrypted……